Different Wednesday– (almost) wordless.



All that stuff you heard about NEVER using hand dishwashing liquid in your dishwasher ?

It is totally true. A TINY amount did this! I was out of tablets, geeez, what a goose..

(Note that a combination of Olive OIL & SALT HELPS to get rid of the FOAMAGEDDON inside the dishwasher)


MLDB-Blog-Button-1 Jumped on a link-up with Trish, at “MY LITTLE DRUMMER BOYS

for some blog mingling. Lovely, consistent blog that has been around for a long time. Trish ran the Sydney City to Surf for WorldVision – Cheers to her!


12 thoughts on “Different Wednesday– (almost) wordless.

  1. nikki

    yeah, see THAT's why I thought I post about it. this is an educational blog, lol. =D(my husband just said on the phone, he thought EVERYBODY knew about it. ha! obviously not.)

  2. Sazz

    Oh no! So many times I've been tempted to do it, so glad I've resisted. LOLing at "fomageddon"!(popping over from wordless wed at my little drummer boys)


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