Dear Diary..! Our playdate was awesome and I need more focus


Dear Diary…
On Sunday, we had our play-date with Noel* and it was really great!
Nemo had so much fun, they played wonderfully together : talked for hours and without interruption about their different passions (ie a lot of superhero things), they had some wild time on the trampoline and some tears when it got a bit too wild and overwhelming for both of them. Then they had another quiet phase in Noel’s bedroom that had literally very similar elements than Nemo’s. (Lego / Fisherprice / toystory / mess)

It was so cool.

In the meantime, Noel’s mum and me talked for what would have been 4 1/2 hours without much interruption as well. I might have talked a bit more, I get exited like that.

Noel has been diagnosed just before his 6th birthday and benefits from the ‘early intervention’ scheme they have here in Australia. His mum showed me a curious (and expensive!) weighted gel blanket she got through the system (Noel has more sensory issues than Nemo), they also have seen psychologist, speech therapist and behaviour therapist with the granted funds.

Admittedly, it makes me a little bit sad, that my son misses out on stuff because of us being too busy with my husband almost dying last year (it was really bad and then i had to work) and also (I think) because we did not have full resident status until this year.

But there are still things I can get and apply for it seems, so I will now focus on that.

I am not bitter but still…WTF?! With Asperger’s, parents are likely to notice the problems only after the child goes to school (5 or 6 years old), so chances are you miss that cut-off date. I would be happy with some ‘reduced’ funding too (instead of the 2 times $6000 it seems to be) just to help me with some therapy. By, you know, professionals?

Instead, am now fully depending on what the school might offer me this week.
And the internet.
Oh well.

So yes, I have started making visual planners and other visual social stuff.
This morning Nemo totally rejected the weekly plan thingy.
I made an OBVIOUS ERROR in the pattern (or sequence). Can you see it? Discuss !



2 thoughts on “Dear Diary..! Our playdate was awesome and I need more focus

  1. Anonymous

    From a mother of an ASD child the only thing that is wrong is that he didnt get to pick the icons or the colours. My D gets quite fussy about what is just right and not quite so right. And I cant pick it. Ever … well rarely. So I think you just need to do it together… maybe read a social story first about how another kid uses a chart and then do it together… Just my two cents…

  2. nikki

    => on thursday, i put the coins in the wrong position… this made it impossible to even discuss the plan and how it could be used. have redone it and then was told that actually, music has moved to friday anyway. was a bit frazzled but will reprint it on the weekend, because now at least he is interested and wants to be involved. sigh.


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