Like a challenge? Abso-clutter-lutely !



I am not one for daily tasks. Although I take photos most days, on both camera and phone,  I don’t like the pressure of a ‘daily photo’.

If I have been journaling and keeping diaries, it has always with many empty pages, much to my regret, things and thoughts in my life happen in clusters, overwhelm me one day and bore me the next, too much to keep track, to jot down or to note.

One thing I have gotten a bit better at though – and how wouldn’t I with the all that time on my hands? – is keeping the house approximately tidy and clean by doing something everyday. I say BETTER because it’s really not quite that. It would be OK if it wasn’t for the pending future moves and projects, my hope to integrate the ‘workforce’ at some point again. And also, I believe that Nemo’s hyper-distractible scatterbrain would benefit from a bit of effort from my side..

So there. I am dropping any edgy, cool and artsy ambition on the blog and am joining a HOUSEWIFE challenge. Yep. “20 days to organise & clean your home” brought to us by @organised_house.

Bring it ON!!


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