Dear Diary.. playdates, tantrums, birthday invitations


Dear Diary,

on Saturday, we had Noel and his parents over at our house and because Awesome was not keen on cleaning up the BBQ, we walked down to the local pub/resto and had lunch with them. We staid a while and the boys had great fun on the playground. Later, we had drinks on our deck while Nemo showed Noel his wii and they played some games.

IMGP0996 [800x600]

All very normal.. But what a wonderful, unusual experience for us. We have had so much stuff and are clearly not socialising much, but I was mostly happy for Nemo.

Noel’s mum later said, it was great to just chill out and chat with people without worrying having to explain any of their quirk to the other parent. Indeed. I mean, obviously, you don’t HAVE to explain your child to your friends really, but it’s likely that, at a certain degree of quirky, you will. Your friends will also ask, if they are remotely interested in your life and your kid, that is.
So while we talked about them as well, we did not ONLY talk about autism and how the Asperger’s affected our life or school or whatever.

The husbands were kind of getting along fine too, Noel’s father has a similar sense of humour as Awesome. And the puppies were exemplary. I lock them out of the playroom, since we have the white fur-shedder, but even our youngest was sweet and docile – with the boys playing only a few meters from them !

On Sunday, Nemo unfortunately had what would be his biggest tantrum in weeks. I wonder if the experience of having a friend, and in the house what more is, was a little bit overstimulating. He wanted to do NOTHING what I asked him for and in the end was rude and loud and rolling on the floor.
Now he is deprived of the wii and while that give us room for totally new activities, he still tantrums about it daily and I refuse to give it back to him if he ‘asks’ like that.  I hope this is not going to go on forever..

On the other hand, he did ok in school this week and he got a birthday invitation from one of the girls!
When I talked with the teacher about it, she said, oh, the others like him, they really do, he is funny and more and more engaging now. When, you know, when he feels like it.

Yeah, I know. It’s a bit of a roller coaster, indeed.  And at the moment, I am kinda still riding it blind.


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