Tidy toddlers and messy minds. Why I think the housewife challenge will benefit our whole family.


When Nemo was the ‘pull-everything-out-of-the-cupboard age’, I had already had enough experiences with puppies (yes, i AM comparing babies to little dogs) and went on to secure the flat we lived in at the time against Baby and Toddler vandalism.

One problem was the fridge, and I will never forget the day where I went and said “Hello” to the neighbour from the balcony and turned back inside and found 6 eggs smashed on the carpet. (Ok, so maybe I said more than just ‘hello’. But still.)

The picture on the left side was taken one morning, 230px-Autism-stacking-cans_2nd_editwhen after breakfast, I had gone to the bathroom. Coming back, Nemo had left his toys and been lining up the content of the pantry. At the time, the rather orderly way he did this-  for a 2 year old – just amused me. I did not think anything about it, just took a photo of the arrangement.

This year, with his fresh asd diagnosis, I noticed a picture on wikipedia (right), that really reminded me of our snapshot. Now while the boy on the photo even sports the same hairdo Nemo had back then, Nemo actually does not show much of the ‘toy aligning’ autistic behaviours.

Or does he?


When we were on the island the other day, my mother in law, who, too busy with her own and her Awesome’s severe health problems, had not given Nemo’s behaviour problems and even the diagnosis too much attention (…) was fascinated by how he had spend time on the deck while we grownups were busy catching up on grownup stuff (and having grownup drinks).

He had found a bag full of mixed pebbles and had started sorting them by type.

See, it’s not something any other child would NEVER do, and it’s not something Nemo ALWAYS does. His room, or should I say roomS as there is the playroom, the sleep room and his actual room, are often messy and would stay messy if it was not for my intervention.

BUT : While I would hate to live in a sparsely decorated, clinically empty looking house, it is true that even for me, clutter and mess, are a severe distraction factor. From everything! From paperwork that needs to be done (once I find the form back..) over craft projects that I have started a while back (and I know I have split pins somewhere, but where?) to the content of our pantry, where, tidying it this week, I found 4 cans of corn and would have gotten another can that day for sure.

all that stuff2

Our house does not look like a disaster zone and my borderline hording is not as pronounced as my mother’s was.

But for Nemo, for me, and also for Awesome, I have decided to cut down the clutter, really sort our stuff so we find things when needed and also give more room for creative or educational projects.

20-Days-to-Clean-Organise-your-Home-for-postsI am linking up with “the organised housewife’” to tackle what are my weaknesses in a structured way with some follow-up. So far it’s actually a lot of fun in the preparation week, and I am really looking forward to have the first more visible results.


One thought on “Tidy toddlers and messy minds. Why I think the housewife challenge will benefit our whole family.

  1. kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    I was already in the decluttering stage before the challenge was announced.Trust me, once you start you will love it. And Nemo will too. I am finding that Boo is calmer and wants to spend more time in the rooms that are the least 'cluttered'. I have taken a heap of toys and stuff from his room and although he is still not SLEEPING, he is staying in there longer at night.Good luck sweetness!


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