5 things that will chase me off your blog…

This is my short contribution to the ‘blogosphere’ this week.
I have been doing a lot of READING lately, and haven’t been as communicative as I thought I would be, now that we have the actual diagnosis… and let’s just say this for now, other life stuff interfering with everything anyway.

Sometimes I come across or back to a blog, via twitter maybe, or  a forum or a google search. I am interested and I would like to CONNECT. I can actually RELATE to what you said, on your blog or elsewhere. So maybe I want to get to know you better.  I am at the moment mostly interested in other ‘parenting / autism’ blogs, but at times, I also like me some true-to-life mummy or just social commenter blogging. If the tone is right, I can get hooked on almost everything really.  Then I try to connect, leave a comment, and


images (17) You all know what I mean – who on earth can read this stuff ?!

As it is, that’s only one of the things that make me stroll off again. I am moody, and it can be anything (colourscheme HURTS my eyes?! get out of here!)  but here are the 5 things that disturb me LOTS on a  blog and will make me move on.. even if  your content is PURE GOLD.  I am totally guilty of making the same mistakes, I will try to repair this on my own blog, and maybe everybody wins.

So here, in no particular order –
5 things that will chase me off your blog.

1. Your captcha just puts me off.  “gdaarepht” ?!

I mean, please! if you get hundreds of comments, I will probably NOT add my 3 cents anyway, because the likelyhood to connect is basically zero. So unless your blog gets totally clogged by spam, maybe chose a solution like ‘only registered users’ with google/twitter/disqus/intenseDebate etc ? Some allow your commenters to link back to their own blogposts, and that’s an incentive many like to pick up on.

2. I don’t see where about you are from. Timbuktu?

As I have a ‘special needs’ interest, it’s increasingly important for me to see if information or experiences shared on a blog are relevant in the country I live in. I blog sort of anonymously too, but when I say “SE Qld, Australia”, I don’t feel my privacy is too compromised as it is a fairly large area still. Now don’t get me wrong : I LOVE to read blogs that are else where, and am (cough cough) actually also reading French and German blogs, websites etc. But blogs written in English can basically be from any corner of the world and all I want is to be able to know where about you are from.

3. You don’t put your entire article up in my reader. “Read full article HERE”

Now I know this is an option and a choice, to put a snippet with a ‘read more on my blog’ type of link in the RSS reader, and the idea is probably to get people back on the blog like this.. BUT consider that if I do follow you via a reader, i am trying to NOT having to click through and read blogs on their actual site, this is the convenience of a RSS reader, and I like that. It is very likely that I will pass on to other, readable items that have fully loaded (especially when reading on my phone) and not much follow your blog.

4.Your blog posts are all just too long… “tl;dr!”

“too long; did not read” is an old way to comment on forum posts, on ANY forum posts by simply saying that the article/post submitted by someone is just TOO LONG for this type of discussion and therefore, even if the content might be great and important, will be skipped by many readers. This is what I will do with your super-lengthy blog post, partly because i have, like most of us, internet-ADHD and need to click on after a given time, but also because when I read blogs, I want to read posts, not editorials, or articles that feel like the chapters of a book. This may sound shallow, but if you look closely, blogs with really long blogposts have usually very few followers. They simply do not invite to exchange as much as short and snappy, maybe illustrated posts. An occasional rant can run down 1000 words, but in general, it overwhelms me and I will move on.

5. Too many personal photos

Like the lengthy post, sometimes photos-only posts are ok. And if you opt for showing your entire family, with or without their consent, on your public, but personal blog, that’s entirely your choice. (I am subtly implying that I think it’s a mistake, but that’s another subject all together) It can be amusing and makes blogger friends more real when you know their faces and their family. But if I get onto your blog and I have more photos than content, more smiles than stories, well, then I will probably not be back so soon. There are so many other ways to share photos with friends – and I love that! – but again, I am trying to relate and connect to you, via a special interest or just a comment or a blog where we ‘met’.. your photos, as communicative they may seem, actually can be a barrier for people who aren’t as ready to share their face with the whole world webs.


8 thoughts on “5 things that will chase me off your blog…

  1. The Aussie Hausfrau

    LOL – love it!I only recently turned that word verification thingy off when I found it in my settings (still learning!)I hate them! I have to keep requesting a new one until I can understand what it says!However, I may or may not be guilty of the occasional long post 😉 It's something that I'm trying to work on 🙂 My longest was 1200 but it was one of those "random facts, get to know me" posts!It's good to get an insight into what other blogger readers like and don't like! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. nikki

    see? the free comment system on Blogger does not allow me to answer individually to my commenters.i need to find out how to change this! @all thanks for passing by, i see especially the captchas strike a nerve in many..

  3. sharonfunkenwagnel

    Oh I love this:) 100% with you on the captcha thing. I do make captcha comments on some blogs, but you can be damn well sure that I must’ve felt strongly enough to bother going through all that hooey to bother commenting. In other words, if you’re going to have captcha, you’d better be writing some pretty amazing stuff.

    Long blog posts don’t bother me, as long as what’s being said is of interest, but I realise it is a turn off for a lot of people.

    Your other points were things I hadn’t really considered, such as where are you from? Or, the photo points you raised. I thought that was interesting, and will have a think on it:)

    One thing that I always laugh about though, is when bloggers never interact in their own comment section, then they complain and say, ‘man, I get soo many page views, but why don’t I get more comments?’ I mean, why should people keep coming back to talk to someone who never answers back?

    I’m not talking about people who don’t complain, or who get a lot of comments and try to touch base when they can. If it’s something someone wants more of, then don’t complain if you’re not bothering to talk on your own damn blog. Otherwise it’s just broadcasting. Rant over.

    1. nikki Post author

      one of the reasons I am back at wordpress.com after a spin with blogger, is that I could not easily set up a ‘reply to comments’ thingy whereas here it is integrated. my main problem with establishing a public blog at this point in my life (i have been blogging for looong, but things were very different on lj.. ) is that i definitively lack of consistency, but I agree that sometimes it seems pointless to interact with bloggers when you get nothing back. so thanks for visiting. =)
      the geographic factor really matters in the context of special needs for me. this all said, when I wrote this i had another outlook on the blogging community as such still. at the moment, I am really not that fuzzed about anything, and there is SOO much blogging about blogging going on lately, that you are hard pushed to find something with actual content.. or an opinion for that matter. so it’s always good to connect with completely new people from time to time.. 😉

  4. sharonfunkenwagnel

    I’m so glad you get where I’m coming from. Don’t get me wrong, if I like the content, I’ll comment regardless of whether or not the person will answer, but it amuses me that those that whine about it don’t see the connection:)


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