Hey lady, even ASD kids need some parenting.. just sayin’.


Now what’s right is right
but you ain’t been right yet.
See, I am not one to criticize (too openly) other women’s fashion choices. I used to have ‘my style’ but I lost it over the years. .
What I don’t get though are women that seem to dress up for the weirdest places : the school run, the mall, MacDo ….or at Centrelink.
While I don’t think that Centrelink should be a place to dress down either (to get more money or whatever) it’s still not a place to put your party pants on display. People who come to social services are on personal business and some are actually in distress. You kind of want to do your stuff and get out. When it comes to people watching, it’s often rather depressing.
So last week I went to Centrelink with paperwork for the ‘carers allowance’ – a possible bonus of $200 dollars per month that I am in dire need of as we have no right on the ‘early intervention package’ (value up to $12’000 in 2 years…). As it is, I can’t afford ANY out of school therapy, and school is slow to come up with anything, but that’s going to be another rant…
So as I am queuing, there is this ‘lady’, mid to late 20s, dressed in a back-free top and tight pants, and – really showy, skanky boots. Over the knee and with extreme high heels, the kind that makes any woman walk like she’s out looking for ..uhm clients. Skanky is on the phone, talking LOUD about nothing. There are signs to put the phone off, all around on the walls. But she is not alone.
Here is her offspring : boy 1 is about 6 or 7 and has a shaved head. boy 2 is 4 – 5. It is the last day of school, but who am I to judge.. right? boy2  keeps walking into the area where, at individual desks, people are seeing the ‘more qualified’ (…) Centrelink staff. Skanky mum barks on occasion to have him stroll back in the reception and waiting area. boy 1 is more interested in the brochures, the many brochures on the wall, and he one of each out of the stand, dropping some already on the floor. Skanky Mum : “yes BOY1, why don’t you take them and read them on a chair there. Oh, you boys make me seem like such a cranky mum!” Then she goes back to talking loudly on the phone.
The boys look quiet happy, they don’t answer back, but they also seem to just continue what they are doing. Boy2 is back to the off limits area. Boy1 is throwing more brochures on the floor.
She now throws in a “Boy1, put some brochures back into the rack, maybe?” and to a lady nearby : “he ate something dodgy yesterday, that’s why he’s not in school” Sure.
A few people look and might snicker, who knows. I am not even that bothered, more amused and it’s almost my turn at the reception desk. And then, lowering her phone again for a short stint into parenting, skanky mum says this to the general public present at our Centrelink :
“They both have Asperger’s. That’s why they can’t sit still.”
…!? I know, right?
This came minutes before I was handing over my paperwork in the quest to get some money to use to get actual professional help for my son’s Asperger’s. Here is what I thought and did NOT say to her, but boy, it was hard to hold back :
“Is that why YOU can’t sit WITH THEM or is whoever is on the phone is more fun to talk to?”
“You have just walked your skanky boots over anyone who is trying to get more understanding in the general public for children with ASD. Get parenting! Now!”
Am I overreacting to this ? I was so pissed off. I don’t care if the kids do have a real diagnosis or if mum just found a great excuse for the result of poor parenting. Either way, this was upsetting and stupid for all involved. What would you have thought ?

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