Something has to change because some things don’t change.

images (33)We did not have such a great start into term 4.

At first I thought, enforcing earlier bedtimes again on the last weekend of the holidays would help Nemo be a bit less tired. It kind of didn’t work out though. At almost 10 pm on Sunday, he was still awake and Monday morning sported shadows under his eyes at 7 in the morning that made me fear the worst.

We went relatively well until we came to the zebra crossing and the lollipop lady said hello . Grump turned into great misery and by the time we entered the school grounds, he was crying and shaking.

Why why oh why does this boy hate school so much ?!

I mean, I KNOW, kind of,  and of course I have read it all, analysed it and discussed it left and right. The noises, the social interactions, the rules and the writing, hate the writing. It is all just too much. But even without ASD I have come to think that what they have crammed into the curriculum in Queensland to catch up with the rest of Australia after a playful year in Prep, is simply ridiculous.

I know for certain that i was not required to write freely several full sentences in one exercise in the first year of literacy in school . We had a lot of texts with gaps to fill and one-word dictations and I was captain of 22 letters (the dictations were sorted by starting letters. If you had no mistake, you became captain of the letter. I was pretty good at it).  It was pretty simple then, but  I am now fluent in 3 languages. What goes?

Still as it is, we will have to find a way to overcome all this emotion and rejection to actually be able to learn new things and produce some knowledge on request. I had been hoping that by now we would have some sort of program or method set up with the school, sadly this is NOT the case.

So when Misery occurred and I felt that dumping a disruptive and scared child into the classroom would benefit to no one on this first day in school, I decided to take him right through to the Special Needs Unit.

We walked in on completely new faces that had not heard about Nemo as ‘one of theirs’ quite yet. We had a good talk and chilled out in a room full of pillows. Also, it seems unavoidable now, someone handed Nemo an ipad to distract him from the grownup conversation.  Surprisingly, they also managed to get it off him again and he was walked off to his classroom, still dark around the eyes but more relaxed.

I have asked them for concrete help. I understand the problems of yearly funding, and I understand lack of staff. But I do not understand un-kept promises and unanswered emails. I now want a person to take us ON with our special situation because while at time, we will fare better, all the problems we have now, will not just go away. I want pro-active feedback and hands-on methods to back up all that I do to encourage my son to go to school, in spite of all the bad experiences and bad feelings that it means to him.

This is, until the end of the year, still his FIRST year in school. It is the foundation we are setting for his entire career, and possibly not only in school but even professionally. I am willing to do my part but I do need help with this. Why the FARK is it so hard to get something GOING when we all seem to agree ?!!


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