about me


I would like to think i am sharp and pragmatic,
but in reality I am rather stoic and wordsy.

I have been “through stuff”, now I am happily married and live in the suburbs.

Autism came in our life when my bright and happy son started having problems coping with preschool.

Nemo was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrom in 2012.

I am blogging mostly to document and structure my thoughts and to connect with parents of all horizons that think a bit like me.

I believe in science and cannot understand how much energy is wasted on ‘autism wars’ instead of finding better ways to live with autism, here and now.

I appreciate and welcome the input of anyone, but I think we must listen more to adult autists, and to our own children, if we want to make this world a better place for them to live.

Learning from each other, with each other. Ideally, that’s what it’s all about. 

2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Sherri

    Just to say thanks so much for visiting my blog and reading ‘No Longer Invisible Darling Girl’. I hope you will visit again, and I look forward to reading more of your blog too, sharing as we do the same journey in ‘Aspie’ land. Take care 🙂


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