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Bean Boozled–I never liked jelly beans anyway.

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Do you like Jelly Beans? I don’t.
I mean, not really.

Although I like it sweet, and I kind of like the look of them (especially the freckled ones), I just never really got into it. Didn’t grow up with them either, but they remind me a bit of ‘Zuckereier‘, cheep confiserie the German Mommy Bunny dropped in our nests to add some colour – and pure glucose sugar – to otherwise chocolate made Easter treats. I always found them rather sickening, even as a child. Even more so now.

But I am a bit of a sucker for novelty in the treats department, and the other day, I came across Jelly Belly’s “Bean Boozled” Pack in our local IGA. Mmmmh.. Oh, what the ..?resized_mrJellyBelly_Jump

Check out those wicked  flavours !
Booger, Toothpaste, Rotten Egg .. Vomit ??
(It has to be said, while this sounds a bit like Harry Potter, I don’t know who had the idea)
The colourful packet comes with a twist, you never know if you will get a regular Jelly Belly taste, or one of the fun (?) yucky ones, as you can see on the back “menu” :Packet

Today, I started sampling. Jelly Bean degustation. My verdict ?  Well, I still don’t like Jelly Beans, not even the “Original Gourmet Jelly Bean”. I’m only half through the packet , but so far : the 8 flavours that are part of the regular 50 flavours Jelly Belly produces today, don’t strike me as so much better as, for example, “Toothpaste” (kinda minty, quite ok) or “Black Pepper” (interesting actually). I thought that “Moldy Cheese” is a bit of an insult (read why here) and the other “yucky” tastes, while fun on the packet, didn’t really make me retch enough to make this a full blown sensorial experience.
Oh and by the way, “Baby wipes” tastes not too bad, kind of like Rosewater.
And I’m really not sure if I have come across the infamous “Vomit” beans yet?
(I’m a lousy tester, I know)Tutti-Fruitti

So I did a bit of research, and found that – at least in the US – Jelly Belly also produces “Sports Beans” with Electrolytes, and “Extreme Sport Beans” with Caffeinenow you’re talking! (See the whole range here, including temporary “Rookie” flavours, it’s all very well thought through from a marketing point of view, that’s for sure..)

Obviously, this wide range of flavours has inspired others, on a blog I found this little cartoon :

imagesfailed2djelly2dbellysthumb(I reckon “number 7” is particularly amusing. Open-mouthed smile)


Although this is a sweet(s) post, let’s not forget that my monthly cause is “Too much Salt?”, and if you go back the Nutrition Information of this 45g snack-sized package (a bit smaller than a regular cigarette packet), you will notice that one serving (understand : the whole pack) while containing 32 g of sugar (obviously) also comes with 34 mg of sodium, representing a around 5-10 % of the recommended daily intake for a 4 to 8 year old child (300-600 mg/day, according to the National Heart Foundation of Australia).
It all adds up! 

“Ah! Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! I was most unfortunate in my youth to come across a vomit-flavoured one. And since then, I’m afraid I’ve lost my liking for them. But I think I could be safe with a nice toffee… Hum! Alas! Earwax.”
—Albus Dumbledore

Links :
Jelly Belly’s Beanboozled
Oh, and  (just found) a more ‘serious’ test of the Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Edition

I am dedicating this post to and her little jelly beans.
and it’s mummytime

Pancake Time Machine – Part 3 Australia

I am finally coming back to my (moderately ambitious) mini series with posts about pancakes. The post was ready for a while, but the floods in Queensland, Cyclone Yasi and last but not least a certain lack of focus and organisation caused this delay, well never mind.

World2What better day than to post about pancakes on World Nutella Day ?

Yes, indeed. As already announced on my sidebar for a while, today is the day we celebrate the big brown jar of plenty!

(Thanks for the reminder, too, through a post on wordpress’ Freshly Pressed)

After my childhood in Germany, with my mother’s pancakes right out of a cement mixer (or so it seemed, but they were still yummy) and after studying crepe-making for many years in France, what kind of pancakes do I make now, for my own family, here in Australia..?

Well, today, my pancakes are based on a very simple recipe, with basic ingredients,  easy to remember, easy to make,  it’s really a bit like
pancakes for dummies :
2 cups of milk, 2 eggs,
2 cups of self-raising flour,
brown sugar – probably half a cup
, maybe more.
I use butter to grease the pan, and may add cream if I have any. Yeah, now I believe that if you count calories when you are preparing a treat, you might as well let it be. (Obviously, that’s why they are ‘Sometimes Food’ only !)
I always add some ‘All Spice’ or Cinnamon and/or vanilla essence.
I like ’em small, thick and rich !000pancakes :







These pancakes can go in the toaster the next morning (or for a snack at night..) with no risk to slip away and cause a fuse to blow (there has been some research into this..). I mostly just sprinkle powder sugar on top since there is already spices inside, but obviously, if you’re into acorn syrup, knock yourself out (but invest in the real, pure syrups).

Now to close the loop, my pancakes also taste awesome with Nutella.
I make a point of NOT always having a jar at home…
because otherwise I’d pretty much just do what this squirrel does :Nutella-squirrel

So, have some pancakes soon and Happy Nutella Day to all of you !  In love

Banana and Nutella Sandwich 500 tumblr_lakt1dWuaE1qcf27qo1_500

PS : And for the LOLZ, here a link to an article about a US mum who is sueing the makers of Nutella, because it is not – shock, terror – actually as ‘healthy and nutritious’ as the advertising led her to believe. Oh dear !

The Pancake Time Machine :
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